Coconut water *NEW*

Coconut water should certainly not be mixed up with coconut milk, the milky fluid which is made by mixing grated coconut flesh with water. Coconut water is the liquid that is inside  the coconut, which is the reason why it is called coconut water and not coconut juice. Juice is what remains of a fruit which has been squeezed out and consists of the fruit sugars of that particular fruit. Depending on the fact whether the producer himself adds any sugars of not, the sugar content can be fairly high.

On the contrary, coconut water has a quite unique composition and taste which cannot be considered to be an extract of the coconut itself! As the name already suggests, coconut water consists of water and is, consequently, after water the most natural and pure liquid there is, made entirely by nature itself. Coconut water has the advantage over water that it also contains lots of minerals and vitamins and therefore has a high nutrition-value (not to be confused with a high calory-value, only 18 kcal per 100 ml).

100% natural - no suger added


6 Coconut water, 1000 ml x €3,49 (+ €4,95 forwarding expenses)


12 Coconut water, 1000 ml x €3,49 (+ €8,95 forwarding expenses)

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