Coconut oil - organic

Coconut oil in the kitchen
Coconut oil is ideal for daily use in the kitchen.

Coconut oil is ideal for baking, sautéing and frying.

Coconut oil does not contain transfats. In contradiction to many frying or kitchen oils the consistence does not change, even if you are baking at high temperatures. This makes coconutoil the most healthiest oil for all your cooking.
Extra virgin olive oil is healthy but for cold use only. On higher temperatures the consistense will change.

Coconut oil is loctosefree and therefor an ideal alternative for butter or in cakes.
Due to the healthy characterization our coconut oil is being prescribed by many doctors and therapists.

On Sri Lank we own an organic certified plantation. By offering employees accomodation, education and free medical treatment we take our social responsibility to social development. Hereby we are able to deliver high quality for a fair price.


Coconut oil extra virgin, 450 gr (500 ml) glass packaging


Coconut oil extra virgin, 1000 ml


Coconut oil odourless - 500 ml


Coconut oil odourless - 2220 ml


Coconut oil extra virgin - 500 ml


Coconut oil extra virgin - 2220 ml


Coconut oil odourless, 10 kg

Coconut oil, odorless, odourlessextra virgin, organic, order coconut oil